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Skills Ontology and related solutions from IYS - It's Your Skills

It’s Your Skills pioneers in skills research and offers Good Quality Data on Skills for HR Tech developers and others.

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Skills Utilities for HR Tech applications

It's Your Skills aims to improve the quality of data on skills in the talent landscape. In this context, It's Your Skills has developed and continuously enriches its skills ontology. It's Your Skills offers this skills ontology to developers of HR applications in different ways including Skills Ontology API, Skills Profiler Plug in and Skills List

Skills Utilities

Skills Profiler Plugin

Shows skills based on user search and also user to select appropriate skill. Shows skills based on user search and also user to select appropriate skill. Allows user to rate proficiency on skills. Allows user to write comments for selected skills. Shows user Skills Categories that are related to the skill selected by user. Output i.e. skills selected by the user, proficiencies and commens are rendered as JSON output.

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Skills Ontology API

From the IYS Skills Ontology, through the API call skills based on user search to auto complete or auto prompt users. Call skills related to selected skill. Call skills related to selected skill. Call skills related to selected skill.

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Right now, the IYS Skills List is offered in English(US) only.

No, IYS Skills list are the periodic(Quarterly) dumps of Skills in an excel sheet format taken from the IYS Skills Ontology Engine.

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Yes, IYS Skills list can be used in any application without any conditions.

The data on the Users and their skills will reside in the application providers environment. IYS will not be privy to all the information of the users of the application. IYS will only collect metadata on searched and selected skills.

The APIs are rendered through Restful Web Services which can be easily integrated with your Application.

For Startups, we provide attractive packages. If you are a startup, please contact us via connect@itsyourskills.com

You can get 1000 API Calls for free. Please register with us to start your Free Plan.

TIYS Skills Profiler Plugin can be integrated with different applications in the HR Space including Application Tracking Systems(ATS), Recruitment Systems, HRIS, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Workforce Management Systems, Job Portals, Professional Networking Sites, etc.

By Skills Profiling, we mean getting and presenting the skills that are required for the job or person with the proficiencies in the skills.

All our products are provided in English only as of now.

Coverage of Skills in IYS Skills Database


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