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IYS Skills Profiler Plugin

IYS Skills Profiler Plugin provides an intuitive user interface to map skills of jobs and users. One needs to just search, select, rate on skills from the Skills Profiler to create a rich, comprehensive and precise skills profile.

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IYS Skills Profiler plugin is powered by our Skills Ontology Engine which will give you access to all the latest skills. You can also add those skills which are not found in the search, through the same interface.

IYS Skills Profiler Plugin Features:

  • Search for all the skills which are present in our Skills Ontology Engine.
  • Get the skills related to the skills selected by you.
  • Get the recommended skills or skills group based on your skill search.
  • Rate Proficiency of the skills.
  • See the relationship between skills and skills group.
  • See Skills phrase as aliases for certain skills.
  • Add Skills which are not found in the search.

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The data on the Users and their skills will reside in the application providers environment. IYS will not be privy to all the information of the users of the application. IYS will only collect metadata on searched and selected skills.

TIYS Skills Profiler Plugin can be integrated with different applications in the HR Space including Application Tracking Systems(ATS), Recruitment Systems, HRIS, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Workforce Management Systems, Job Portals, Professional Networking Sites, etc.

All our products are provided in English only as of now.

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