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IYS Skills API

Get the power of IYS Skills Ontology Engine in your various HR application with our Skills Ontology API.

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By using IYS Skills API in your applications, you will be able to suggest relevant skills to your users according to their search which will help them to get the valuable information on skills.

IYS Skills API Features:

  • Search for Skills from IYS Skills Ontology Engine
  • Get the data on skills from IYS Skills Ontology Engine
  • Display Related Skills based on the selected Skills
  • Display Recommended Skills based on the selected Skills
  • Always have access to the latest data on the Skills

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The data on the Users and their skills will reside in the application providers environment. IYS will not be privy to all the information of the users of the application. IYS will only collect metadata on searched and selected skills

The APIs are rendered through Restful Web Services which can be easily integrated with your Application.

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Coverage of Skills in IYS Skills Ontology Database


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