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What are the problems of the talentscape?

Poor matching between people and jobs, Difficulty in finding people, Difficulty in finding the right job, Poor productivity of recruitment, Unsystematic career planning and development, Lack of guidance on (life long) learning.

What is the root cause of the problems?

Poor Quality of information or data on “skills”: Textual and unstructured information, Issues with taxonomy, Information in silos, Lack of quantification of proficiencies, Lack of Big Data on skills.

Current technologies and their limitations?

HR and Recruitment applications are “dumb” or lacking intelligence, Big Data has limited success, AI is narrow focused and has limited utility, Parsing technologies are unable to do a good job on skills.

What needs to be done?

We need to bring common Taxonomy to skills, common Structure to skills profiles and common Measure to proficiencies in skills.

One solution

‘It’s Your Skills’ offers ‘Skills Profile’ to address the above need. It is built around Skills Ontology. It seeks to be a shared resource that can be used by all in the talent landscape.

Applications of IYS Skills Profiler

Recruitment, Workforce Management, Learning Management, Skills Analytics, Career Planning, Macro level planning.