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IYS Skills Profiler

Simple, User-Friendly, Quick.

The Skills Profiler is a user interface used to map skills of jobs and people.

Experience the
IYS Skills Profiler (Just Pick Tick and Rate your Skills). — Search Box Space

Complexity at the back-end made simple at the front-end

The Skills Ontology is a complex, multi-faceted resource of skills. It is necessary to simplify this resource for users to map skills easily, while still offering comprehensive coverage of skills in different clusters as well as prompting the user with other related clusters of skills and the skills contained therein. This is the important role played by the Skills Profiler.

Facets of the Skills Profiler

  • Enables Skills Mapping through fuzzy search as well as top down logical mapping of skills
  • Allows drilling down within a cluster of skills – for example, drilling down from Software Development to Programming Languages to specific Languages within the skills group
  • Displays related skills i.e. skills within the same cluster
  • Suggests skills categories that are related to the skills chosen by the user, allowing the user to pick a category and drill down skills within that category
  • Captures ratings on proficiency levels for selected skills