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IYS Skills Ontology

What is IYS Skills Ontology?

Rich and Dynamic Resource on Skills across Industries and Functions for easy mapping of skills to people and jobs.


It’s Your Skills has created and continues to keep updating one of the most comprehensive resources on skills. This resource, the IYS Skills Ontology, can be loosely named a skills database or a skills taxonomy.

Objectives of IYS Skills Ontology

  • To bring a universal commonness in the use of words and phrases used for skills.
  • To use information on skills more effectively, thus leading people to make better choices.
  • To enable a more effective flow and use of information on skills, collected from across the global talent landscape.

Construct of the Skills Ontology

  • Skills are grouped together into logical clusters (example: programming languages, specializations in photography, etc.))
  • These groups are associated with groups , creating clusters of two or more groups (example: programming languages being associated with databases)
  • These different clusters are associated under one logical head which we call a function (example: programming languages, databases etc. are associated with Software Development)
  • Different Job Roles are created and associated with different clusters, from one or more functions
  • Properties are defined at skill level, such as rating scale, rating legends and searchability
  • Data entries are normalized for acronyms and synonyms
  • Contextual references are brought into search results

Populating the IYS Skills Ontology

The Skills Ontology is largely populated through human intelligence, researching jobs, people profiles, academic curricul, training courses and others.

Tools on text analytics have helped in aggregating and classifying skills.

Constantly updating IYS Skills Ontology

It’s Your Skills aims to constantly update the skills ontology, to cover skills that are not included in the ontology and include new emerging skills.

In order to do this, It’s Your Skills:

  • Utilizes user contribution of skills through the IYS Skills Profiler Applies governance on the contributions for inclusion and classification of the skills in the ontology.
  • Uses Data Mining, Text Analytics tools and algorithms for aggregating and classifying skills.