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Issues with Skills

The taxonomy/terminologies/semantics on skills pose immense difficulties in processing information effectively. Because of this we have issues like the right people missing out on possible jobs, wrong jobs sent to people irrelevant to the role, a lot of time wasted on screening profiles of people and jobs, inability to guide people appropriately on their careers, not being able to systematically align learning with development needs, and so on.

Root cause of Poor Productivity and Efficiency in Today’s Talent Landscape is the
Poor Quality of Information on Skills.

Skills Profiler is a solution to the problem!

The problem What it means An example

Same thing may be written in different ways ReactJS, React.JS, React JS

Different people use different words for the same thing Digital Marketing, Web Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing

Some people use acronyms, while others may use expansions CAD, Computer Aided Design

When a word is associated with a certain phrase or context, the association can give a different meaning or identify a new skill. ‘Boiler’, with associations, can become ‘Designing of Boilers’, ‘Repairing of Boilers’, ‘Operating of Boilers’, etc.

The same phrase may refer to a different set of activities when read by different people Product Management

We mostly rely on years of experience as a parameter, for the sake of simplicity and ease, to judge proficiency level The same person may have different proficiency levels for different skills