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What we do?

We focus on “skills” research
Based on the skills research, we maintain one of the most comprehensive Skills Ontologies, offer them in the form of different utilities for other HR Tech developers and offer simple applications for better skills management

Our endeavor is to bring quantum improvement in the data quality of skills across the global talent landscape, which is the key to maximizing human capital.

Skills Profiling

Skills Profiling, like consumer profiling, health profiling, or financial profiling is fundamental to all aspects of skills related activities such as recruitment and training. The goals driving profiling are almost the same in every domain – personalization. In the HR space personalization means enablement of decisions on talent development as well as talent deployment (jobs/careers) as appropriate for the individual. It’s Your Skills enables Skills Profiling

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Skills Ontology

A good taxonomy or an ontology is an enabler of profiling. It’s Your Skills focuses on research on skills – aggregation and organization of “skills” in a unique Skills Ontology. The construct of the Skills Ontology has evolved beautifully to address the various nuances unique to the talent landscape. And now IYS seeks to keep enriching this skills ontology and also share the same with others.

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Skills Analytics

In the talent landscape, we are nowhere near the maturity in the use of data for intelligent choices and personalization the way it is in other industries. Hopefully, the shared skills resources on skills ontology will help the talentscape generate quality data on skills and we can then move quickly to the next step of using this data for skills analytics and intelligence.

It’s Your Skills enables skills analytics with Employee Skills Management SAAS application.

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Applications and Skills Utilities from It’s Your Skills


IYS Employee Skills Management (ESM)

SAAS (Software As A Service) application for an end to end skills management covering features such as skills profiling of jobs, skills profiling of employees, skills inventorying, skills gap analysis, skills matching and more.

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IYS Skills API

The API enables access to the most comprehensive and constantly updated skills ontology. Through the API you can enable calling of skills that are related to skills that are searched, skills categories that are related to the skills searched and more.

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IYS Skills Profiler Plugin

The Skills Profiler can be integrated with web applications such as job portals, HRIS, LMS and Recruitment systems. The intuitive user interface of the skills profiler makes it easy to add search, select and add skills to one’s profile or that of jobs.

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IYS Skills List

IYS Skills List is a slimmed-down version of the IYS Skills Ontology Engine. In this, we provide you Skills information in an excel sheet format which you can use in your application without any conditions.

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